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For Lawyers

Our application process is based on speed and simplicity. You will not incur significant irrecoverable costs in applying for Invicta finance.

Our process is quick, simple to navigate and designed with lawyers in mind. Applicant law firms can expect to receive finance within one month of submitting a successful application.

We want to work with firms who believe in the cases that they are submitting for funding so our strong preference is for lawyers who are willing to share risk with Invicta by working on a 50% CFA. No such requirement applies, however, to Counsel.

To apply for Invicta finance, just send us whatever papers (including Counsel’s Opinion) that you feel illustrates the key issues in the case. You should also provide us with an indication of the amount of funding sought, the likely damages and your assessment of when and for how much the claim is likely to settle.

We will consider the papers upon receipt and give you an initial view within 48 hours. If we are interested in continuing, we will organise a telephone call with you to explore the key issues. We use practising litigators for this aspect of our process to ensure that we get to the heart of the matter quickly, saving your time too.

If we like the case after speaking with you, we will provide commercial terms.

If our terms are acceptable to your client, we will invite you to complete a simple paper application form. Together with the supporting papers, this form is submitted to our insurance partners for underwriting and provision of ATE cover.

Once funding is agreed, the entire budget is remitted to you on Day 1 of the financing agreement, giving you and your client complete peace of mind that your case is fully funded to conclusion.